Ronnie is a native of Louisiana, where he grew up hunting and learning all there is to know about the swamps. Jen was born in West Virginia where she spent most of her time outdoors exploring and thrill seeking in the Appalachian Mountains. Their first date was on an airboat hog hunt where they quickly realized that they shared a deep love for the outdoors.











Through filming Swamp People with The History Channel, Ronnie is able to share a part of his life with the world. Ronnie and Jen would like to invite you to follow them through their social media, where they share their unique lifestyle as a couple living in the swamps.

Together they have three beautiful daughters (Hannah, Jade & Sienna), as well as two adorable dogs (Debo and Nola). Ronnie goes live nightly on his Facebook page to cook the things he has hunted, fished or grown in the swamps.

Join them as they adventure together and show their followers how they live off the land as much as possible!


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